Updates for January, 2023

This month we had a huge surge in production of our wholesale orders from summer 2022. Since we changed ownership in early 2022, we've moved our business to Atlanta and Huntsville, re-tooled our shop, brought on a new leather craftsman, re-built our infrastructure, and had a few 'hiccups' along the way.

product inventory racks
Our new inventory racks in Atlanta
We've accomplished a tremendous amount since my Dad semi-retired from the business. We'd like to share some of the new services we provide for you as well as some future plans.

Retail Updates

New Retail Website

We've finally launched a new retail website! Our new site focuses on a small set of our best selling products. We plan to add a few more product categories in the future, feature specific products, and run clearance sales on overstock.

lscoguard.com homepage
Lscoguard.com Home Page

We're encouraging you to reach out to your nearest dealer for access our full catalog. If you don't see a dealer near you, please contact us to see if we can add one.

LSCo Help Center

 One of the toughest aspects of our business has been maintaining a timely, consistent customer service. We're working to change that for you. We opened a help center that provides a self-help area and ticket center for support or custom orders.

LSCo help center

LSCo Support and Help Center

 Some of you have already started using the help center late last year for pending custom orders. We haven't forgotten about you! Please see our "Custom Shop" updates below.

Wholesale Updates

Our Full Catalog is Online

We have moved to a new, online b2b website which features our entire catalog with photos, pricing, and inventory availability. Dealers can place orders through the website with several payment options including NET30 invoicing.

lscoguard.com b2b website

LSCo B2B wholesale website

The b2b site also lets you see the stock availability. If we're out of stock of an item, we will let your backorder the items. We will try to keep you notified of our backorder status and average length of time it takes to produce an order.

item stock availability
Item stock availability

The catalog is by invitation only. Please contact us for access.

Dealer Portal

Our new infrastructure system supports dealer access to open sales orders, invoices, payments, statements, and announcements! There are some communication features added like commenting on sales orders for example.

LSCo dealer portal
LSCo Dealer Portal

The dealer portal is by invitation only. Please contact us for access.

Production Updates

Custom Orders

Several of you have placed custom orders and inquiries with us over the past several months. We attempted to accommodate for custom orders as my Dad, Larry, was always very accommodating. However, we currently have growth limitations that have severely delayed our ability to build custom patterns for you.

We plan to retry our custom orders in April after our Los Angeles shop opens.

Los Angeles Shop

We're opening a very small shop in Los Angeles! We plan to make it operational sometime in April this year. Larry has semi-retired to the L.A. area and brought a small shop with him. We plan to build custom orders and overflow of our more high-quantity, popular items there. We'll keep you updated on its progress.

Wholesale Orders

We're currently wrapping up dealer orders placed in August, 2022. Our orders in September through November we're light; so there's a good chance we'll tackle all three months of backorders at the same time. Call or email us if you need updates on your open order or access to our portal.

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