Updates for February, 2023

We've been "nose to the grindstone" so to speak this month. February was a big month for catching up on backorders. We pushed though orders placed in June-August, 2022. Thanks to Joe for all the hard work in Huntsville!

assembling fhraps
Assembling FHraps

Retail Updates

Thank You to our Retail Customers

The patience we've seen from our online retail customers has been amazing. Every one of you are the best we could ask for. Thank you for your orders, your patience and understanding while we keep pushing through our backorders.

Custom Orders

Our Los Angeles shop is delayed to June 2023. HOWEVER, I am building our prototype "kits" for you all! I don't want to delay your custom orders any longer than we have to. Joe and I will be making these kits to allow you to build your own pattern based on one of our pre-existing patterns. You can send us the new pattern back and we build your guard from that new pattern.  

Look out for an email from me about the prototype kit.

Wholesale Updates

Trombone Sets

As we continue to consolidate our wholesale catalog down to a manageable state, the necessity of making trombone guard sets finally forced it's way in. We worked with one of our fantastic wholesalers in Germany to build out our first batch of Trombone Sets for sale.

  • Bach 36 Trombone Set
  • Bach 36B Trombone Set
  • Bach 36BO Trombone Set
  • Bach 42 Trombone Set
  • Bach 42B Trombone Set
  • Bach 42BO Trombone Set
  • Bach 50 Trombone Set
  • Bach 50B2 Trombone Set
  • Bach 50B3O Trombone Set
  • Conn 8H Trombone Set
  • Conn 36H Trombone Set
  • Conn 88 Trombone Set
  • Conn 88H Trombone Set
  • Conn 88H Trombone Set
  • Conn 88H Trombone Set
  • Conn 88HCL Trombone Set
  • Edwards Tenor Trombone Set
  • Edwards Bass Trombone Set
  • Shires True Bore TB47 Trombone Set
  • Shires Double Inline B62 Trombone Set
  • King 2B, 3B Rotor Trombone Set
  • King 4B Trombone Set
  • Yamaha 643 Trombone Set
  • Yamaha 448, 645 Trombone Set
  • Yamaha 682 Trombone Set
  • Yamaha 684 Trombone Set
  • Yamaha 612, 622 Trombone Set
  • Yamaha 613 Trombone Set

Please login to the b2b wholesale site to get current pricing and place an order! If you need access to the wholesale site, contact me at sales@lscoguard.com for an invitation.

Production Updates

Los Angeles Shop

Our custom shop in LA will be delayed until June 2023. We will still be sending out custom kits for our customers who've been waiting for a very long time.

Wholesale Orders

We're currently wrapping up dealer orders placed in October, 2022. We'll be tackling December 2022 orders within the next few weeks. Call or email us if you need updates on your open order or access to our portal.

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